The End

The end of year exam was an exercise in summing up everything we have covered over the last year, but not only that but it tied in topics covered in other subjects, really highlighting the cross overs between each subject, thus the reason for studying a degree in Marine Environmental Management. The emphasis of the exam was on Conflict Resolution and solutions for pressures on the Coastal Zone, by using the Devon maritime Forum as a template ideas for solutions were discussed.

On completion of my foundation degree, my next step is to top up to a BSc in Environmental Science at the University of Plymouth. Over the last two years many new opportunities and pathways have been opened up for me and I hope that on graduating plymouth I will be able to find any sort of job in the Environmental sector, as a new graduate I know that competition will be high, so I will also endevour to undertake as much voluteer work as possible. I have also been toying with the idea of going to study for a Masters in Economics and Politics, as I feel that having an understanding of the processes that shape and run our country and indeed the world is very important in effecting any sort of fundamental changes.